Labyrinth activities in Ireland

is dedicated to raising the awareness and use of labyrinths, in Ireland and worldwide, as a tool for personal and spiritual growth.

Labyrinthireland seeks to raise the use and awareness of labyrinths by providing information on labyrinths; by helping people to design, construct and install their own labyrinth; and by facilitating the use of labyrinths through workshops and information sessions.

For more information about Labyrinthireland and labyrinth activities in Ireland, please visit Tony Christie's website:

 Tony Christie is a labyrinth facilitator, designer  and consultant.  Tony is a member of The Labyrinth Society,  Inc.  Tony trained with Veriditas in Chartres in 2005.   He founded Labyrinthireland which is dedicated to  bringing the benefits of the labyrinth to as many people as possible in  Ireland and around the world.
Based in Cork, Ireland, Tony is available  to gives talks and facilitate labyrinth walks and workshops in  Ireland and abroad.  Tony can be contacted at