Indoor canvas labyrinth in Dundee University

The Dundee University Chaplaincy Centre, located in the centre of the campus just off the Perth Road, has provided a wonderful indoor space for Labyrinth walks over the past seven years.
The Labyrinth is open to the general public. All are welcome.

Walks take place between 7.00pm and 10.00pm on the following dates:
2006: 19th Oct; 22nd Nov; 14th Dec.
2007: 18th Jan; 22nd Feb; 22nd March; 19th April; 24th May; 21st June; 20th Sept; 25th Oct; 22nd Nov; 13th Dec.

Entrance is free. However, because a large number of candles are used around the edge of the Labyrinth, any 'candle donation' would be much appreciated!

Before his retirement last year,  Nick Halpin was a counsellor at the University. He was greatly inspired by a Chartres workshop under the auspices of Lauren Artress.  He continues to look after the University labyrinth, welcoming new and regular participants to the joys of a walking meditation.'

For further information please contact Nick Halpin on or see